About The Brand


Caline Chocolate Factory

“ Caline ” or “ كـالـيـن ” as a word came from the soul of France, and from the creature having the strongest devoted feeling like Kangaroo. we believe that a deep meaning principle is what drives Caline team spirit to work hard, expressing the care and passion that invested in our Chocolate Collections, aiming to make it tangible for every individual experience. Caline came out to draw attention and express passionate emotions through chocolates masterpieces, exactly as the Care and Passion of the Kangaroo to its child.


Each chocolate creation of Caline Chocolate factory is well-designed with attention to details to be extraordinary. from sourcing the most sustainable premium cocoa beans of Caline Brazilian plantations and Passing through our Belgium artistry for creating the finest and richest recipes of chocolates tell creating, decorating and Packing the chocolate Masterpieces into Caline Luxurious boxes in United Arab Emirates. Each step is presenting one of our most important process in producing the finest Chocolate Masterpieces. We Grantee that our chocolate masterpiece are hand-made of the most sustainable chocolates ingredients and free of Preservatives and hydrogenated oils. we are carefully selecting ingredients to ensure they meet our standards of Quality and integrity, Delivering an exceptional taste of Belgium chocolates to make every individual experience unforgettable.